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pf-kernel is yet another Linux kernel fork which provides you with a handful of awesome features not merged into mainline. It is based on neither existing Linux fork nor patchset, although some unofficial ports may be used if required patches haven't been released officially. The name of the fork is by no means related to BSD Packet Filter. «pf» stands for «post-factum», the author's nickname.

Latest patch 4.1-pf3 [signature] (23.08.2015), applies to bare 4.1 kernel with no stable patches
Latest commits 4.1 branch
Older patches since 2.6.31
Source code [git] [http] [browser]
Arch Linuxwiki, AUR, forum, binaries
Debianbinary packages
Fedorabinary packages, sources

Each version has been tested by me before releasing using Dell Vostro 3360 config. Binary builds are not tested by myself. There's no warranty at all.

Included patches:

  1. [m] mainline update
  2. [m] -ck patchset with BFS
  3. [m] BFQ I/O scheduler
  4. [m] TuxOnIce
  5. [m] UKSM
  6. [m] graysky's kernel GCC patch

Included configs for:

[m] — accepted and merged, [w] — accepted, but still waiting for release, [t] — temporary fix, [o] — obsolete.



If any error occurs, please report to me.

© Oleksandr «post-factum» Natalenko, 2009–2015 ipv6 ready