v4.11-pf3 is out

New pf-kernel version has arrived. It brings you latest stable update, v4.11.2, as well as binary builds (being prepared ATM) for Arch Linux. Luckily, OBS is up and running again.


v4.11-pf2 is out

Since Con has released MuQSS and -ck patchset for 4.11 kernel, -pf2 switches back to it.


Unfortunately, binary builds are not ready at the moment because of openSUSE Build Service outage.

v4.11-pf1 is out

Hi there.

First pf-kernel release for fresh Linux kernel v4.11 is out.

Things are as usual, except MuQSS being replaced with BFS VRQ branch because Con haven’t prepared a port yet. Nevertheless, it works okay for me, so enjoy.

Binary builds for Arch Linux are being built. Expect them to be ready in 24 hours.

Likely, this is the last “traditional” pf-kernel release as BFQ I/O scheduler has been merged into upstream and will be available for blk-mq with 4.12 release. Maybe, I should consider adding some things like UKSM back just to stay cool :).

v4.10-pf2 is out

New pf-kernel release features latest stable kernel update, v4.10.4, as well as fresh BFQ fixes and small fix for GCC tunables regarding AMD CPUs.


v4.10-pf1 is out


I was almost ready to release v4.9-pf6 update with newer stable patches, but instead got managed to assemble v4.10-pf1 very quickly thanks to awesome Con’s passion as well as BFQ readiness.

So, here is v4.10-pf1, and it includes:

  • latest -ck release featuring MuQSS CPU scheduler v0.152;
  • latest BFQ I/O scheduler, v8r8-rc2, with mainlined writeback throttling integration by me;
  • graysky’s GCC optimizations patch.

Hopefully, in a couple of upstream releases I won’t provide BFQ separately, and it will be mainlined. Fingers crossed.


v4.9-pf5 is out

New pf-kernel release features latest Linux stable update, v4.9.8. Also, I’ve merged BFQ v8r8-rc1 just because it contains potentially important fixes.

The patch is available here.

Special announcement about Arch Linux binary builds: I’m going to drop separate Intel Ivy Bridge build, however, this architecture will be still available for linux-pf-next package. Instead, I’m going to keep Silvermont and also present generic (w/o specific CPU optimizations) as well as Skylake architectures. Stay tuned for further announcement.

v4.9-pf4 is out


This release includes:

  • stable kernel update, v4.9.4;
  • ath9k patch that uses mac80211 intermediate queue, and that should mitigate Wi-Fi bufferbloat effect to some extent (backported from 4.10).