v4.10-pf2 is out

New pf-kernel release features latest stable kernel update, v4.10.4, as well as fresh BFQ fixes and small fix for GCC tunables regarding AMD CPUs.


v4.10-pf1 is out


I was almost ready to release v4.9-pf6 update with newer stable patches, but instead got managed to assemble v4.10-pf1 very quickly thanks to awesome Con’s passion as well as BFQ readiness.

So, here is v4.10-pf1, and it includes:

  • latest -ck release featuring MuQSS CPU scheduler v0.152;
  • latest BFQ I/O scheduler, v8r8-rc2, with mainlined writeback throttling integration by me;
  • graysky’s GCC optimizations patch.

Hopefully, in a couple of upstream releases I won’t provide BFQ separately, and it will be mainlined. Fingers crossed.


v4.9-pf5 is out

New pf-kernel release features latest Linux stable update, v4.9.8. Also, I’ve merged BFQ v8r8-rc1 just because it contains potentially important fixes.

The patch is available here.

Special announcement about Arch Linux binary builds: I’m going to drop separate Intel Ivy Bridge build, however, this architecture will be still available for linux-pf-next package. Instead, I’m going to keep Silvermont and also present generic (w/o specific CPU optimizations) as well as Skylake architectures. Stay tuned for further announcement.

v4.9-pf4 is out


This release includes:

  • stable kernel update, v4.9.4;
  • ath9k patch that uses mac80211 intermediate queue, and that should mitigate Wi-Fi bufferbloat effect to some extent (backported from 4.10).


v4.9-pf2 is out

I guess, this is final release of this year. It brings you new BFQ I/O scheduler release, v8r6, and updated graysky’s GCC patchset which brings you new AMD CPUs support.


v4.9-pf1 is out

I’m glad to announce the immediate availability of new pf-kernel release for fresh Linux kernel. Please grab the patch here.

As usual:

  • -ck with MuQSS v0.150 + very latest hotfix;
  • BFQv8r5, forward-ported from LKML submission + writeback throttling enhancement, hoping to get v8r6 soon;
  • buffered writeback throttling patchset, hoping it will find its way into mainline soon;
  • GCC tunes patchset from graysky, aiming to tune kernel for your lovely CPU;
  • small random fixes.

Enjoy, and thanks to Con for fast -ck development.

v4.8-pf9 is out

New pf-kernel release brings Linux stable update v4.8.12.

Also, I’ve merged Arch PKGBUILD changes from core/linux to adopt pacman hooks for binary builds I provide.


v4.8-pf8 is out


New pf-kernel release, v4.8-pf8, is available now, and you can start grabbing the patch right now.

It introduces latest stable kernel update, v4.8.10, as well as new -ck patchset code that includes MuQSS v0.144.

Binary builds are available for Intel Ivy Bridge and Silvermont CPUs for Arch Linux distro.

Have fun.